2016 Sponsors

The IEA Conference could not exist without its sponsors and exhibitors. They help us set the agenda, provide presenters and sponsor the free places for UK Government attendees.  They are a crucial part of our community, helping to keep our attendees aware of the latest developments whilst gaining insight into what the market wants. For more information on sponsoring or exhibiting, contact penny (at) integrated-ea.com.

IEA2016 Sponsors and exhibitors


MEGA Logo Blue without baseline (png format)

MEGA International is a global software and consulting services company helping organisations and government agencies manage enterprise complexity by giving them an interactive view of their operations. MEGA offers a complete range of enterprise governance software solutions and consulting services that helps organisations transform their business and address challenges in the following areas: digital transformation, strategy execution, IT strategy delivery, and corporate governance.

By bringing together industry-leading practices in enterprise architecture, IT portfolio management, and governance, risk, and compliance into one offering, MEGA provides companies with a single, integrated and dynamic view of all their business components. This helps businesses optimise and transform operations, ensuring that they are continuously managed in a way that is consistent with their strategy and objectives.

Thanks to MEGA’s unique approach and signature HOPEX platform, organisations obtain the visibility and tools to successfully navigate change and improve decision-making. Businesses can then better exploit synergies and pool efforts among their departments, provide staff with a clear, common vision of all the key elements of their organisation, and make sure that everyone is working towards the same goals.

For more information visit www.mega.com or contact nhirani@mega.com



Corso helps companies align business strategy and IT capabilities so they can plan and react to change initiatives with agility. We offer the only integrated enterprise architecture and innovation management platform that gives you the ability to manage change and business transformation activities at any scale.




illumr offers an exciting new technology solution for organisations that have a need to understand patterns of behaviour that affect their businesses.

The need for such ‘Behavioural Intelligence’ exists in a diverse range of sectors from finance to pharmaceuticals.

illumr’s technology platform augments existing analytics for greater value.

With better understanding of the patterns of behaviour and better ability to predict such behaviour, illumr helps organisations leverage their Big Data, empowering them to make better decisions to protect and grow their bottom-line.

illumr is a University of Birmingham spin-off.

Please visit www.illumr.com  for more information.



The Open Data Institute (ODI), founded by web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Sir Nigel Shadbolt, is an independent non-profit, non-partisan organisation, that connects, equips and inspires people around the world to innovate with data.



Knowledge Agency focuses exclusively on the interaction between society and information. By taking an active part in the public discussion, engaging the best academics and professionals worldwide and being part of large scale development projects; our company is a true knowledge hub for tomorrow’s information management challenges.

Focus areas; Information Management, Digital Agendas and Smart Cities and Cyber and Information Security.

Knowledge Agency consists of an international network of renowned independent specialists within the information sector, all with many years of national and international experience. The network includes over 200 consultants of different competence backgrounds such as professors, researchers, and operations experts.




GCHQ is an intelligence and security organisation, working to keep Britain safe and secure in the challenging environment of modern communications.

Our heritage can be traced from the tremendous achievements in signals intelligence at Bletchley Park in World War II. We and our forerunner organisations served our country during both World Wars and then the Cold War. Today, we address a range of modern demands, dealing with threats from terrorism, the spread of nuclear weapons and the resolution of regional conflicts around the world, as well as protecting the economic prosperity of the UK.


We protect the security, independence and interests of our country at home and abroad. We work with our allies and partners whenever possible. Our aim is to ensure that the armed forces have the training, equipment and support necessary for their work, and that we keep within budget.