IEA 2012

KEYNOTE: The Golden Thread: enabling end to end transparency – David Lynam, CIO, Atomic Weapons Establishment [IEA12]

KEYNOTE: Enterprise Architecture in NATO – David Burton, CTO NCIA [IEA12]

The Enterprise is a Story: a Narrative Approach to Enterprise Architecture – Tom Graves [IEA12]

Architecture for Rapid Technology Insertion – Stuart Armstrong and Fred Baxter [IEA12]

The Defence Information Reference Model (DIRM) – Gp Capt Stu Jack [IEA12]

The MUST of Meta-Data – Sean Barker, BAE Systems [IEA12]

Enterprise Architecture Approach at European Space Agency – Robert Suzic [IEA12]

Enterprise Architecture as an Automated Instrument to Support Enterprise Transformation: Approach and Practice – Pedro Souza [IEA12]

Developing the Architecture for the Soldier of Tomorrow – Paul Sibson [IEA12]

What does the “A” in SOSA stand for ? – Nick Frall and Kevin Wallis [IEA12]

An Ontological Template for Business Analysis – Matthew West [IEA12]

Embedding Architecture in the Enterprise – Luke Tucker and Alex Hicks [IEA12]

MODEM : Re-engineering the MODAF meta-model based on the IDEAS foundation model – Lars-Olof Kihlstrom [IEA12]

Spicing-up IBM’s EA tools with Petri Nets – Kirsten Sinclair [IEA12]

From today to tomorrow: an EA approach to managing Capability Transformations – Jennifer Mollet [IEA12]

Capability Architecture: Mind the Gap – Jason Hill [IEA12]

Architecture for the Front Line – Gary Jackson and Trevor Milburn [IEA12]

Making Information Perform: Evolving the MIP from Databases to Services – Doug Sim [IEA12]

Architecture for Decision Makers – Dave Camm and Dave Evans [IEA12]

Nordic Battalion Task Force 2020: Practical Experiences Using MODAF within a Nulti-national Context – Bjorn Blondell and Anders Soderberg [IEA12]