Feedback from previous years

“The Integrated EA conference has managed to excel once again this year with a marked improvement on all levels. One would struggle to find this calibre of presenters and panelists in the EA area anywhere else. Well Done!”

“A good spread of topics from system engineering to strategy but all bringing common themes i.e. human/cultural aspects must not be forgotten”

“Has given me a better way to explain the management why we should you EA in our daily work without using the word EA”

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Integrated EA 2013

Day 1

Edwin Swidenbank - EA in business change and future planning programmes

Day One Complete - a zip file of all day one presentations

Blomqvist, Haggstrom and Vaudrey - Setting the standard for pan-European service enablement of air traffic management

Prof Sharm Manwani - Business & Enterprise Architecture: Enabling Strategic Conversations

Steve Winter - SESAR and NextGen: Transforming global air traffic management

Note that presentations from AVM Rigby, Gp Cap Stu Jack and GCHQ have not been uploaded at the request of the presenters.

Mark Foden’s presentation is at

Day 2

Andy Ellis - Big Data, DII, and Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle

Apthorp and Sears - From Application Convergence to Capability Planning

Day Two Complete - a zip file of all day two presentations

Jon Cook - The Application of a System of Systems Approach in a Defence Context

Kevin Wallis - How architecting is helping support a migration towards mobile computing

Michael Fuller - London 2012 Olympics: Decision Support Architecture

Regis Dumond - France EA Update

Rory Cleland - From Value to Capability: Using MoDAF to increase the effectiveness of Disaster Management.

Steve Challinor - Canada EA Update

Steve Harris - Architecting Information Superiority in the Fight Against Cyber-Crime


Human in the System - captured by Sally Bean

Integrated EA 2012

Day 1

David Burton - KEYNOTE: Enterprise Architecture in NATO

Paul Sibson - Developing the Architecture for the Soldier of Tomorrow

Lt Col Edlin Tan et al - The Evolution of Enterprise Architecture and BPM in the Ministry of Defence, Singapore

Day 2

Bjorn Blondell and Anders Soderberg - Nordic Battalion Task Force 2020: Practical Experiences Using MODAF within a Nulti-national Context

David Lynam - KEYNOTE: The Golden Thread: enabling end to end transparency

Dennis Wisnosky - Heading, Altitude & Airspeed: Service Orchestration, Cloud & Semantics - All or Nothing!

Pawel Jasinski and Doug Sim - Making Information Perform: Evolving the MIP from Databases to Services

Jennifer Mollett - From today to tomorrow: an EA approach to managing Capability Transformations

Pedro Sousa - Enterprise Architecture as an Automated Instrument to Support Enterprise Transformation: Approach and Practice

Stu Jack - The Defence Information Reference Model

Tom Graves - The Enterprise is a Story: a Narrative Approach to Enterprise Architecture

Integrated EA 2011

Day 1

Alex Mitchell - Realising the Benefits of EA to ISTAR

Caroline Gowing and Col Ian Harris - Handout

Caroline Gowing and Col Ian Harris - The Army Equipment Development Plan

Col Luigi Gregori - Schemas, Categories and Perspectives. What Psychology can bring to Enterprise Architecture

David Camm & Malcolm Touchin - System of Systems Challenges in the Capability Lifecycle - a Joint MoD/Industry Enterprise Approach

Matt Rapier - EA on the front-line: Support to Op Herrick

Allen Clarke & Steve Pybus - Enterprise Architecture: Generating the European conversation

Tom Graves - Enterprise architecture beyond IT: An Australian view

Day 2

Brig Alan Clacher - Day 2 Keynote - UK MOD LogNEC

Chris Partridge - What is a service? A forensic approach to developing a common understanding of Service across business and IT.

Chris Partridge & Ian Bailey - MOD Analysis Report on Service Standards

Marcel Staicu - EDA approach on architectures in support of capabilities development

Mikael Hagenbo - Panel Session: Governance: Getting the Policy Balance Right

Mike Brownsword and Joe Silmon - Accompanying paper

Mike Brownsword and Joe Silmon - Managing risk and cost with an EA approach

Neil Peachey - Comparing EA in Defence and Financial Services

Robert Damashek - EA for Unity of Defence Vision and Action

Integrated EA 2010

Day 1

Allen Brown (The Open Group) - Drinking Our Own Champagne

Brian Wilczynski (DoD CIO Office) - Architecture & Standards Governance in the Department of Defense

Dave McDaniel (Silver Bullet inc.) - Architecture & Standards Governance in th Department of Defense

John Zachman - IEA2010 Keynote - Enterprise Design Objectives - Complexity and Change

Colonel Luigi Gregori (UK MOD) - MOD Perspectives on EA

Commodore Mark Purcell (Australian DoD) - Delivering an Enterprise Architecture for the Australian Department of defence

Owen Sudlow (BAE Systems) and Myles Higgin (Salamander) - Delivering Military Capability - the value of enterprise decision making

Peder Blomqvist (Swedish Armed Forces) and Niklas Haggstrom (Centric Labs) - Introduction to Design in NATO NISP

R Adm Thomas Engevall (Keynote from CIO of Swedish Armed Forces) - Enterprise Architecture in The Swedish Armed Forces

Day 2

Alistair Murray (UK MOD KSA Keynote) - MOD & Architectures, A Maturity Assessment

Espen Gjos (Norwegian Armed Forces) and Stig Dormaenen (IBM) - How to set up and effectively manage an enterprise architecture model

Jonathan Carter (EAS), Jason Powell (EAS) and Keith Hardy - Exploiting EA ontologies

Karl Hertz (FrontEnd) - National Maritume Communications System - Practical Experiences Using MODAF with the SwAF

Lim Han Chiew (DSTA) - The Singapore Ministry of Defence's Approach to Enterprise Architecture

Malcolm Touchin (SEIC) and Alan Harding (BAE Systems) - Use of an Activity Model to Underpin Enterprise Evolution in Capability Mangement

Matthew Hause (UPDM Co-Chair, Atego) - UPDM the unified profile for DoDAF and MODAF

Commodore Oswaldo Brogi (Italian MOD) - How an enterprise architecture approach is helping to improve network enabled capability NEC

Integrated EA 2009

Day 1

Al Murray - An update on the KSA Activity in MOD

Bob Barton - Managing the Trading Environment in Practice

Brian Wilczynski - Achieving an Information Advantage - A DOD Perspective

Bruce Brown - An Executive Level Enterprise Architecture Perspective - The Operations, Services, Performance and Functionality (OSPF) View

Dave Chesebrough - Enterprise Architecture, an International Picture

Frits Broekema - NATO's Approach to Enterprise Architecture

Katie De Bourcier - Opening Keynote

Matthew West - The Role of Enterprise Architecture in ISO 8000

Mikael Hagenbo, Fariba Hozhabrafkan and Lars-Olaf Kihlstrom - The MODAF Learning Portal

Day 2

Alan Clacher - Keynote

Andrew Josey - The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) - A Comprehensive Overview

Dave Dyke and Anthony Alston - Combining Top-down and Bottom-up Techniques for Developing More Effective EA

Grant Morley - An Enterprise Approach to Information Assurance in MOD

John McNaughton - Making EA work for MOD

Laurence Marzell and Charles Le Gallais - Use of Enterprise Architecture in the Critical National Infrastructure

Matthew Hause - An Overview of UPDM - A Unified Profile for DoDAF MODAF

Mike Duffy and Fintan Hanbury - An Enterprise Architecture Approach to Options Analysis in Large Aquisition Programmes

Steve Winter - NATS Keynote Address

Integrated EA 2008

Day 1

Standards-Based Approach to EA and SOA - Capt Bob Leeming

Analyzing and Presenting Multi-Nation Process Interoperability Data for End-Users - Dave McDaniel

Applying EA and Systems Engineering in GCHQ - Chief Systems Engineer, GCHQ

EA Case Study for SysML - Ron Williamson

MODAF Human Views - Anne Bruseberg

Using MODAF to Support Warfighter Experimentation - Steve Hitchins

The NATO Architecture Framework SOA VIews - Lt Col Mikael Hagenbo & Lars-Olof Kihstrom

Day 2

Focussing on Capability: Supporting the Trades - Bob Barton

Using EA to Manage Complexity in UK Armed Forces Personnel Delivery Programmes - Brig Robin Bacon

Home Office Information, Systems & Technology (HOIST) Strategy - John Wailing

MODAF - A Practical Application of an Architecture Framework - Peter Hotham and Steve Winter

Information Management Maturity and Enterprise Architecture - Matthew West

DoD Enterprise Architecture Initiatives - George Wauer

DoDAF v2.0 Development - Brian Wilczynksi


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